Repaired Things

Past Imperfect
January 6, 2011, 9:11 pm
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I recently saw this awesome article and slideshow in the New York Times about Andrew Baseman, a collector who specializes in repaired antiques or “make do’s”. This lead me in turn to his blog. These repairs are from a time before superglue and duct tape, people! Back when repairs were mechanical, not chemical. We have it easy now.

Here are some of my favorites from both the Times article and Baseman’s blog.

“Eastern European Teapot”, smashed and then pieced back together with metal staples, including a giant one across the front. There are also pieces that were specially made to match shards that were lost.

























Dog figurine with leg replaced by a nail, bound with wire.

Wooden shovel, circa 1870s, cracked and nailed together with a metal plate for support.

Victoria and Albert Jug, circa 1840’s, with a missing handle replaced by a metal one, attached with bands around the jug. This is a very common type of repair that Baseman documents. I find this one amusing because the upper band looks like a blindfold on the two figures.